Property Lawyer Assisting Residents of Rockland County and Surrounding Areas



As a necessary corollary, our business, residential and corporate clients often solicit our advice for insurance procurement activities.



Litigation is how our justice system settles controversies or disputes between and among persons, organizations, and the State.

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Business Planning and Advice

business entity formation, drafting and negotiating agreements, purchase and sale of businesses, collections, drafting licensing agreements, as well as insurance coverage matters and disputes.

Intellectual Property Law (copyrights and trademarks)

protecting your valuable intellectual property, filing trademark and copyright applications, conducting trademark searches, and handling litigation involving trademarks, copyrights, libel, and invasion of privacy, drafting agreements relating to intellectual property matters, including work for hire, assignments, licensing, confidentiality, and non-compete agreements, and counsel you on domain name disputes, and how to avoid violating the intellectual property rights of others.


When judges and juries make mistakes, other lawyers seek our diligence in perfecting the appeal. Appeals from motions, verdicts and judgments in all types of cases, including real estate, Article 78 proceedings, personal injury trials, insurance disputes, and all types of civil cases. As a business lawyer based in White Plains, Our Attorneys understands the procedures needed to protect your rights.

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